Google Maps API Error: ApiNotActivatedMapError

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After setting up a new project to get a location from a postcode the other day I came across the error “ApiNotActivatedMapError”. I checked and the Maps JavaScript API was enabled.


After a bit of digging, since 22nd June 2018 Google has updated their business model. Each API has its own separate billing, and for that reason each API must be enabled individually. To get Geocoding on Google Maps to work properly the following APIs need to be enabled.

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Geocoding Service
  • Directions Service
  • Distance Matrix Service
  • Elevation Service
  • Places Library


Unfortunately the Google Console API Manager doesn’t seem to work properly. When you search for an API other than Maps JavaScript API they wont show up.

To access them you must:

  • Navigate to the project dashboard
  • Click “Go to APIS overview”
  • Now you can see the API options
  • Search for Google Maps JavaScript API(Under Google Maps APIs). Click on that
  • You will find Enable button there. Click to enable API.


Now your maps should work!

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