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Material UI Button Color Prop Update

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I was recently upgrading a React app to all newer packages. This was a pretty long and intensive job, and I ran into a number of issues.

One issue that popped up and I really struggled with was the following:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘main’)

This error was only showing when running Jest tests. The project used React Testing Library and the error was highlighted to be coming from the render function.

What Causes The Error

Turns out I had missed an item when migrating Material UI from V4 to V5.

Material UI introduced a number of breaking changes when moving from V4 to V5. A lot of great fixes were added, as well as feature updated.

One of these changes was how the <button /> component uses the color prop.

The button color prop is now primary by default, and default has been removed. This makes the button closer to the Material Design guidelines and simplifies the API.

How To Remove the Error

There are a couple of ways to handle this issue.

The first is to remove default from the color prop and allow the button to return to its primary color. This isn’t particularly helpful if you are needing to show the difference between buttons.

Another way to to replicate the default state. Rather than passing color="default", you can change default to grey. Then following this example, add the original default styling.

Hopefully this has helped, if you as stuck as I was!

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