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I work quite extensively with Gravity Forms when dealing with WordPress builds for clients. It provides a great way to quickly spin up forms, and its developer documentation is brilliant. It has a spam honeypot built in, which tends to catch most basic spam, but recently I have found busier sites have smarter bots. This means an inbox full of rubbish.

Google have a great project called reCaptcha that seems to catch those extra bits of spam. Up until recently users had to pick an image of grass, or if something is a car from a grid. This isn’t the best solution as it means there is an additional barrier to entry. Potentially influencing the users to leave before the form has been completed.

Google then released reCaptcha v3 on the 29th October 2018. A friction-less reCaptcha that tracks the user’s journey, and returns a score depending on if they seem to be a bot or not. Success, the barrier to entry is removed!

Unfortunately, 6 months later there is still no built in integration with Gravity Forms.

As part of a larger project, I built a Gravity Forms addon plugin. This addon integrates Google reCaptcha v3 into all forms on a website that uses Gravity Forms.

It is as simple as adding the plugin to your website, and adding the site keys from Google Captcha: After that Google does all the hard work.

We are planning on adding more functionality to the plugin, but for now it does the simple job of stopping the spam.

Completely open source. Help yourself!

If you have any problems, thoughts, or recommendations send a Pull Request on Github.


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